Do you grind your teeth when you sleep? Do you grind your teeth during the day when you concentrate or when you’re frustrated? Many people do both of these harmful habits and don’t even realize it. But Dr. Wesley Shankland in Westerville, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus) can determine if you grind your teeth and he can help stop the detrimental effects of this pathological activity.

Teeth grinding is cause by several problems. First, people who are under stress frequently grind their teeth unknowingly. They might do this for years, damaging and destroying their teeth and yet, they initially deny engaging in this destructive habit. Dr. Wesley Shankland has been treating these problems for over 30 years.

Another common cause of tooth grinding is a high filling, crown or denture. If your dentist places a filling or crown and especially if you’re numb due to a local anesthetic, when you first close your teeth together, you usually can’t tell if the occlusion (bite) is improper or not. But after the effects of the anesthetic wear off, then the bite seems strange. Such a change in your occlusion may not bother you at all until you’re under stress or when you sleep. Then, unconsciously, you begin to grind your teeth in an unconscious attempt to even the bite. This activity can cause headache pain, tooth and jaw pain, ear pain and general fatigue of the facial muscles.
If you think you’re grinding your teeth and if you’re in the Central Ohio area, don’t delay in getting an accurate diagnosis and possible subsequent treatment. Contact Dr. Shankland for an examination at: 614-794- 0033.