Do you grind your teeth when you sleep? Do you grind your teeth during the day when you concentrate or when you’re frustrated? Many people do both of these harmful habits and don’t even realize it. But Dr. Wesley Shankland can determine if you grind your teeth and he can help stop the detrimental effects of this pathological activity.

In our last blog, Dr. Wesley Shankland briefly discussed teeth grinding. This habit can not only destroy your teeth, but the bone around the teeth and even your temporomandibular joints (jaw joints). You might experience headache and ear pain, neck pain and tooth pain, especially with cold foods and drinks.

Also, people who are under stress frequently grind their teeth unknowingly. They might do this for years, damaging and destroying their teeth and yet, they initially deny engaging in this destructive habit. Dr. Wesley Shankland has been treating these problems for over 30 years.

Dr. Wesley Shankland sees patients from all over the world for such problems which are most often either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. He will perform a very extensive physical examination and attempt to determine why you’re grinding your teeth.

Usually, grinding of the teeth can be treated effectively and conservatively with the use of an intra-oral, removable appliance. This appliance is adjusted over a period of time until your grinding symptoms are reduced or cured.

A very effective way to treat clenching (intense biting down with little or no lateral jaw movement) is with an NTI appliance. Dr. Shankland has used the NTI appliance in Westerville (a suburb of Columbus in Central Ohio) since 1999. In fact, Dr. Shankland has used the NTI longer than anyone else in the world except for its inventor.

If you think you’re grinding or clenching your teeth or if you have undiagnosed and frequent headache pain, don’t delay in getting an accurate diagnosis and possible subsequent treatment. Contact Dr. Wesley Shankland for an examination at: 614-794-0033.